This Week

I’m in a really good groove right now. Which means one thing – it’s all about to blow up in my face.

That’s life.

Inspired by Janna, I designed a weekly schedule that’s made a world of difference for me. Mondays are for creating – no calls, no meetings, and no reason to put on makeup or style my hair. Tuesdays and Thursdays are for taking meetings, networking, and catching up with friends. I reserve Wednesday mornings for creative consumption – catch up on all my saved articles on Instapaper, browse Pinterest and flip through magazines and books – and buckle down to work on Wednesday afternoon. Friday mornings are my time with Rho, and the afternoons are for administrative work and catching up on emails.

Similarly to Janna, this is my schedule about 75% of the time. It certainly wasn’t the case this week, and that’s okay.

I’ll just do better with enforcing it next week.

It was a hell of a productive week, though. I went to a few press previews (Factory PR, Moderne Press, and Mariposa), went to a salon held by NewsPicks, caught up with my friend Darrah, and got a ton of work done.

We’re headed home to Pennsylvania this weekend. A Taco Bell visit will definitely be in order.

Come Monday, we do it all again.

In case you missed it…

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash