This Week

There’s just one thing on my mind for the past two weeks.


Calling me a ‘fan’ is a bit of an understatement. I never miss a game. The only picture tradition our family has is our mommy-son jersey pictures (here’s 2016, and his very first game day). The Nick Foles-Sam Bradford trade in 2015 put me in labor, and I was addicted to ESPN while I groaned and waited for the epidural.

I’m obsessed.

And I want redemption (nay, revenge) from the 2004 Super Bowl.

When I can tear my attention from all the articles, videos, and memes, I’ve been focused on work, family, and the usual. There’s the briefing document for our upcoming FDA meeting, overdue catchups with some friends, and getting enough rest to kick this cold once and for all.

There were also some fun meetings with Taryn Rose & Style House, Hudson+Bleecker, and getting a first look at Peter Thomas Roth’s newest release (which is incredible).

The only thing that I’m focused on this weekend is the Super Bowl – the game itself, and the little party we’re throwing. I’ve already placed a massive order with my favorite restaurant, purchased all the green and black dishes and flatware, and steamed my and Rho’s matching Sproles jerseys.

Game day, baby. The only one that matters.

On to the (non-Eagles!) links…

  • I feel like my phone addiction is back in full force. After re-reading this article, I plan to turn my phone over to my husband this weekend (I have no self control), pick my crochet hook and yarn back up, and get my hands messy painting with Rho.
  • Victoria’s massive beauty review is worth a read (and some new additions to your skincare routine). I picked up this serum after her deep review of The Ordinary.
  • I got stopped 8 times when I wore this t-shirt on Thursday. Paired with my softest jeans, an oversized cardigan, and custom sneakers, it’s been my go-to casual outfit this winter.
  • It’s not enough to elect, appoint, or anoint women (and women of color, more specifically) to top positions. This essay reveals how we view women in society needs to change.
  • I found myself nodding as I read Grace’s reflections on not drinking all month. I indulged in my nightly glass of wine only a few times this month, and experienced many of the same changes as she did – better sleep, more energy, and even an improvement in my skin. I used to use that evening glass of wine as my treat for a hard day’s work, and I’ve found that a cup of this tea and a bath is all I need to unwind.
  • Things I bought this week – this ‘bubbly’ blouse that finally went on sale (also available here), this bag (damn you, Moda Operandi retargeting ads), and this book because of Ashley’s post. My brain has been on overdrive with work lately, and a light, sexy read is all I can handle in the evenings. I also loved this one, and the author is a delight to follow on Instagram.

In case you missed it…

image via (the article is worth the read)