Sunday in Central Park

8:00 a.m – aaaaaah! I feel great. And Sri’s still lying next to me? Which means Rho is still asleep? It’s going to be a great day.

9:15 a.m – pancakes (made with this mix, not homemade) are the best way to start every weekend. I’ve already gotten myself dressed (this t-shirt, these jeans, essentials in this bag) and feed Rho and myself breakfast while Sri gets ready. We have a fun day ahead.

10:00 a.m – we’re all dressed, and finally outside. We’re on our way to the Central Park Zoo, the perfect destination when it’s nearly 70 degrees outside. I probably should’ve ditched the jacket entirely – this t-shirt is enough. Thank goodness for stroller storage!

1:15 p.m – Rho loves penguins. LOVES THEM. And loves being out of his stroller. He also hates walking while holding your hand. We are those parents wrestling a crying toddler into the stroller, which makes us look like the worst parents ever. Sorry, kid…

4:00 p.m – we’re home. Rho is still fast asleep (for two hours!), and I’ve just finished Felicia’s incredible novel. I want to start from the beginning and read it again – which I probably will do, soon. But we need groceries, and to the market I go…

6:15 p.m – Sri and I polished off the grilled cheese I needed to photograph for this post, and we’re eating the *upma* my mother made for us. Rho eats a spinach patty, Brie, and carrots while we all watch Moana for the millionth time. I keep watching the movie after Rho and Sri leave to get ready for bed. I can’t help it.

8:30 p.m – I take advantage of Sri’s bedtime duty and draw a hot bath. These leisurely evenings are definitely a rarity of our typical Sunday nights, and I’m going to enjoy every damn minute. My skin feels funky with the changing weather, so I try out this mask. I like it. I like it a lot.

10 p.m – how am I so tired after such a chill day? I don’t know, but I’m wiped after scheduling this post while we watch the first season of House Of Lies. I’m ready for bed. I’m ready to sleep. Zzzzzzz…

Well, that was quick.

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