My Favorite Silk Pants

5:30 a.m – another early morning. I resist the urge to go back to bed after shutting off the alarm and trudge to the bathroom.

5:45 a.m – coffee in hand, I open my laptop and try to get in as much work as humanly possible before Rho wakes up. I finish writing this article for Popsugar, get ahead on some additional posts, and make another cup of coffee. The Nespresso machine is in heavy use in our home.

7:15 a.m – Rho is awake, dressed, and drinking his milk. We head to the kitchen.

“Do you want a pancake?” “Naaaaah.”
“Do you want eggs?” “Naaaah.”
“What do you want?” “Moana.”

Of course. We compromise and I put on an episode of Sesame Street instead while I make him breakfast. He gets a waffle while I eat peanut butter out of the jar. #reality

9:00 a.m – I’m dancing to the latest Plyojam streaming workout – and Rho is jumping along with me. Workouts you can do with your kid = win. We dance for an hour and he climbs on and off me while I do a minute plank.

10:15 a.m – I throw my hair in a topknot and quickly apply makeup, since I’m running late as usual. I put on the outfit I had set out the night before – my favorite silk pants and a boyfriend shirt. I roll up the sleeves and slip on some gold bracelets, and grab my Mansur bucket bag and matching M.Gemi flats. Pro tip – prep your bag the night before so you can just go. Out the door and in a Lyft I go.

11:45 a.m – I’m at the Swarovski headquarters, at a tea hosted by Lonna of Lonna and Lilly jewelry. I mentally bookmark this necklace to purchase when I get home and eat the most delicious lemon cake while listening to Lonna talk about the collection, and upcoming sales. I also take a walk through the Mother’s Day preview that the Accessories Council set up. It was so well done that I’m considering putting together a Mother’s Day gift guide. Maybe.

2:00 p.m – my lunch meeting was cancelled when I was in my Lyft, so I redirect him back to my home. Starving, I head into the kitchen and make microwave nachos while watching an episode of Big Little Lies. It’s one of the rare shows that I love more than the book. I resist the urge to watch a second episode and head into my office to get to work.

4:00 p.m – after dawdling on my computer and answering e-mails, I get into some proper writing (including writing up the day for this post). It takes me some time to get into writing mode, but I’m finally in it and firing on all cylinders.

6:30 p.m – Rho’s cough hasn’t subsided, so I call and make a doctor’s appointment for the following day. I give in to his Moana request and we snuggle on the couch as he drinks his milk before bed. When we head into his room, he reaches for his crib immediately and lies down. No books, no lullaby. Poor kid.

10:15 p.m – I’ve done nothing of consequence for the rest of the evening – just scrolled through Instagram and Twitter on my phone, randomly Googled topics and read articles. I need to find a better way to relax – this isn’t working. I finally put my phone on airplane mode and place it on the charger, and head to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Here’s hoping I make tomorrow a better (and more productive) day.



Well, that was quick.

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