Resolve To: Be More Productive

I Resolve To Be More Productive



I know it’s prime resolution time, and I want to help.

I’ve managed to achieve the typical resolutions year after year.  In all honesty, I tend to fall off a slovenly, lazy cliff by the end of the year, but I always start the year fresh and tend to stick with them through Thanksgiving (where it all goes to hell again).

So I know a thing or two about achievable resolutions.

When it comes to productivity, resolutions and goals don’t mean shit (pardon my French).  Desire and willpower are finite resources, and they can only take you so far.  Systems, however – they set you up for success and are the tools to help achieve those said goals.

Developing a system is the tough part.  You will attempt a lot of things that won’t work and identify a shockingly few things that do work.  You’ll fall off the bandwagon and have a slovenly day (or days) that involve too much delivery meals and Bravo TV marathons.  But over time, you’ll develop a system to help get sh!t done – and it will get better over time.

So if you resolve to be more productive this year, I’d encourage you to tweak that a bit and resolve to create a productivity system.  I’ve listed my most useful tips for building my own system, and I encourage you to read this article (and this!), which offer additional advice and tips.  These books are also worth a read.

Moral of the story – don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t get discouraged, and focus on one small area at a time.  #GSD, y’all.