What To Wear To The United Nations

6:00 a.m – didn’t I just go back to sleep? Snooze…

6:15 a.m – why did I hit snooze? Hop out of bed and rush through my morning routine, skipping the workout for now. I head downstairs after reading The Economist Espresso to make some tea and finish writing this post.

7:45 a.m – keeping it simple today with makeup, hair, and outfit. I reach for two navy favorites and throw on a pink vest to punch it up. Hair in a topknot, simple makeup. I really need to find my powder…

8:05 a.m – “Noooo, mama!” wails Rho as he tries to pull off my boots. Me leaving early in the morning is not normal, and apparently not welcome on this day. My heart simultaneously hurts and cheers. I love you too, Rho. More than you know.

8:55 a.m – my husband and I walk into the Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations, with the speeches underway. We’re attending a breakfast for the release of the World Happiness Report. Krystal, Christine, and James happened to be at the nearest table with two empty seats – score! I sip the coffee (from illy, who sponsored the report and the event), nibble on some fruit, and take a few notes about the report. Mental health is apparently the biggest source of misery in the developed world. I make a note to schedule that overdue appointment with my therapist.

10:45 a.m – it’s rare that we have a morning alone, so my husband and I walk over to The Smith and have a (very) early lunch date. Phones down, and a random conversation that covers the new Zelda video game (all him), our new drone, mental health treatment and the AHCA, and upcoming travel. It’s nice. Really nice.

12:15 p.m – back home to work. My stomach isn’t feeling so hot, so I head to my room and curl up on my reading chair with my laptop. I keep on the pants and sweater, but exchange my vest for my Patagonia fleece. Sipping ginger ale, I read through the news – The Broadsheet, Polar News, and Axios. Keeping up with the news is an increasingly masochistic exercise – the more informed I am, the more depressed I get about the state of the world. I make a note to bring it up in my next therapy session – which I still have to book! On it.

3:00 p.m – write, write, write. I’ve started using this Pomodoro timer app again and have gotten a LOT more done each day. Why don’t I use this all the time?

6:15 p.m – I had every intention of working out when I got home from the UN, but my stomach is still feeling queasy. I take a quick shower and hop into pajamas. I apply this mask and wash my makeup brushes while listening to the latest Pod Save America episode. I should really take a break from the news. But I can’t.

8:45 p.m – Rho is FINALLY asleep, after 10 books and 20 minutes of cuddles. Is a 2 year old sleep regression a thing? Is he ready for a toddler bed? Oh crap, is he crying again? (He’s not – it’s just a siren outside).

10 p.m – I make it through two chapters of this book before crashing. Sleep, sweet sleep…zzzzzzzz



P.S – my usual working from home outfit, and the first time I combined this vest with a navy look.

Well, that was quick.

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