A New Addition

A New Addition

There are trends I willingly adopt.  Slip-on sneakers?  (Still) all about them.

There are trends I avoid like the plague – like punk.  So not punk.

And then there are trends I never imagined being a part of – like the current baby boom happening in the worlds of blogging, fashion, and Hollywood.

We have a future jetsetter on board!  And finally – someone to occupy the much-dreaded middle seat.  Sorry, kid.

Are you going to find out the gender?
We decided to keep the gender a surprise, much to the annoyance of family members and friends.  Sorry guys!

Do you prefer a boy or a girl?  Have names picked out?
I prefer this kid to be an Eagles fan.  And yes, we have both boy and girl names picked out (but we’re not spilling the beans!)

How is your blog going to change?
I’ll certainly be better equipped to write about traveling while pregnant and with babies/kids, so I do plan on recounting those experiences and offering useful advice.  For you non-parents, there will also be advice on coping with crying babies/kids while traveling.  Beyond that, the content of the blog won’t change.  I’m not planning on posting pregnancy updates, birth stories, baby monthly updates, etc.

Are you going to stay in New York City?
Yes, for as long as we possibly can.  We love the idea of raising city children.

How are you feeling?
I’m finally feeling like myself – that first trimester is no joke.  I spent most of July and August in bed, nauseated and completely drained.   I’m definitely excited, but I’m also a little scared.  How will motherhood change me?  Are the goals I have for myself going to change?  How will this affect my marriage?  I drove myself nuts in the first few months pondering these questions.  Now, I accept that my life will be totally different once this little guy or girl joins us, and am ready to accept whatever is coming and adjust accordingly.

Any random cravings?
Spicy food, all day everyday.  I could live off mango, berries and grapefruit.  The thought of pasta makes me feel sick, which is so depressing.

What has annoyed you about pregnancy so far?
When men try to give me pregnancy advice.  The worst thing you can tell a pregnant woman is what she can’t eat, can’t do, should do.  WE KNOW.  There should be a “no uterus, no advice” law.  And never tell a woman she shouldn’t order Pinkberry.  That’s just cruel.
The best thing you can tell a pregnant lady is “Let me bring over nachos and we’ll binge watch superhero movies.”  Take note, folks with pregnant friends.

Have more questions?  COMMENT below and ask – I’m more than happy to answer them!