The Hit List – March 2016

Hit List March 2016

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

It’s a quote most often attributed to parenthood, but it sums up life the older you get. Each passing year seems to go by faster than the previous, no matter how long a day may be.

And there were some looooong days this month. The following list of things helped me survive them.

I’d been eying this By Marlene Birger trench for months on Grace. While I bought into the versatility of the piece (3 coats in 1!), the price was too much to stomach.

That was, until Shop BURU marked down the price by 40%.  *add to cart-checkout-do a happy dance* (Note – while it’s sold out on BURU, I’ve found it marked down by 30% here).

Save for a handful of freezing or hot days, I’ve worn this jacket nearly every day. And it’s as perfect as I had hoped. As has the Glossier Phase 2 set, which did. not. disappoint. The concealer and lip tint joined Boy Brow as mainstays in my daily beauty routine.

As are Cosabella pajamas – specifically, these short-sleeved ones. They are as soft as Rho’s swaddles, as comfortable as my ratty beloved flannel pajamas from college, and are more elegant than any of my other nightwear options.

Or some of my daytime clothes, come to think of it.

Size up and stalk them on Amazon for discounted ones. Thank me later.

I discovered Pomodrone when I was on the hunt for a new Pomodoro timer, as using the Productivity Planner eliminated the need for me to upload tasks to my timer. It’s a no-frills Pomodoro app that’s both beautiful and boasts some great data tracking features (features are in the premium version, which is $1.99). Between those two, I’ve been on a #getshitdone spree like no other.

Which left me a little time to enjoy myself. I was an early adopter of the ‘coloring for stress relief’ trend, but was looking for a more portable book that I could toss in my work bag to enjoy during work breaks. I stumbled across this beautiful one (which is also small!) from Jess’ Instagram, and promptly ordered one for myself. Filling in a small design during my 5 minute breaks has been wonderfully restorative and fulfilling.

Much so than an Instagram or Twitter binge.

I had never paid much attention to Jane The Virgin. But after witnessing a passionate endorsement from our intern (OMG-it’s amazing-best show ever-you need to watch it), I clicked play on the pilot one evening. And kept watching. And kept watching some more. Equal parts charming, addictive, and educational (it’s helping me brush up on my Spanish). I now see what the fuss is about, and have joined the Gina Rodriguez fan wagon.

Equally beautiful but tragic was the acclaimed book When Breath Becomes Air by the late Dr. Paul Kalanathi. Hands down, one of the best books I’ve ever read. His loss is not limited to his family or the medical community, but felt by everyone who loves to read. There’s something deeply saddening that we’ll never read another book filled with his brilliant observations, and in his beautiful prose.

Two things I can’t stop listening to are Man Repeller’s excellent Oh Boy! podcast (the episode with my friend Nicolette is my favorite) and this playlist of The Chainsmokers’ original songs (I skip the #SELFIE track during every listen). And rounding out this ever random group of favorites is this wine aerator/stopper that Samira gave me. I partially blame this for my more excessive wine consumption as of late.

I’d love to know your list of favorite discoveries this month that you are newly obsessed with. COMMENT below and let me know!

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