The Hit List – January/February 2017

I’m facing a dilemma when it comes to monthly favorite roundups.

It’s really, really difficult to select 10 items every month that are worthy of the ‘favorite’ title.

I certainly like a lot of new books or movies, clothing or beauty items every month. But it takes more than 30 days to determine whether they’re a tried-and-true favorite or a fleeting “yes, that was nice.”

Which brings me to our new format – the bimonthly Hit List, limited to just 10 items.

These are the movies and books I can’t stop thinking about. The podcasts I eagerly wait for new episodes. The clothes I’m living in constantly (and washing frequently, because I love them so much).

These are true favorites. And you don’t deserve anything less.

Let’s get started.



It’s about time that Crooked Media gave a woman a podcast. Ana Marie Cox (the senior political writer for MTV) launched With Friends Like These last Friday, and it may be my new favorite podcast from the team. The podcast focuses less on the administration and more on the people who sit on either end of the political spectrum. I’ll let you listen and make up your own mind about it, but I’m a fan.


My resistance wardrobe is growing, and this supersoft t-shirt from Raygun (h/t to my friend Laura for sharing it first) is one that I’m wearing constantly. I don’t think Mitch McConnell expected to inspire every woman with her new rallying cry, but that’s exactly what happened. ‘Nevertheless, she persisted’ is actually my new mantra for my midday meditation. And this t-shirt is a helpful reminder of that mission on days I would rather be lazy.



This movie, you guys. I saw it recently, but it’s been on my mind ever since I saw it. It’s got nearly everything I’d want in a film – space travel and aliens, gorgeous cinematography, Amy Adams, a beautiful score. But the way the movie unfolds, and the way we approach communication when there’s no grounds for it, is truly remarkable. See it. I think you’ll love it.


A show about a inter-solar system cold war may be exactly what you need right now. The Expanse, whose second season is currently airing on the Syfy network, is just that show. In this timeline, there’s a fragile peace between Earth and Mars, with the residents of the The Belt (asteroid belt) attempting to find respect and an equal footing. The show is based on an epic series (which I have yet to read), and it’s excellent. Even if you’re not a typical sci-fi fan, I’d give this show a try.



Now, this is a show I reserve for myself when everyone is asleep and I can wind. Z (the story of Zelda Fitzgerald, another enjoyable book) follows the passionate, roller coaster life of the Fitzgeralds, and their job hopping and jetsetting while drinking entirely too much. I’ve been resisting the urge to binge watch so I can enjoy every moment and detail of this show. It’s visually spectacular, and Christina Ricci is the perfectly cast as Zelda.


This was my latest Book Of The Month delivery, and probably my favorite. In this book, people can connect with dead loved ones through the Elysium Society, where hosts pop a lotus (a pill) and the consciousness of the dead person takes over. The book is focused on a single host (Eurydice) and a client who lost his wife, and their complex relationship. The Possessions (like Arrival) has stuck with me, weeks after I finished it. The writing is excellent, the story is complicated, and it’s an all-around great book.



This book’s thesis isn’t groundbreaking – treat yourself the way you treat your children – but it’s a message most moms don’t hear enough and follow even less. But this book is remarkable because of the author. Genevieve Shaw Brown is brutally honest: in loving her job, having a strong village to help, and the support of her husband. She is unapologetic, but opens up and quite a bit. Reading Happiest Mommy was like having a long coffee date with a mom friend who seemingly has it all together – but isn’t a b*^#h about it. I enjoyed this book and learned a lot from it.


Puzzles are the only toys that can keep Rho seated for more than a minute.
And sometimes, I just want to enjoy my coffee when it’s still hot instead of having an early morning dance party.
Enter Melissa & Doug, and their adorable (and educational!) puzzles. I ordered this set, and they keep Rho engaged for a few minutes that I need to finish breakfast, wash the dishes, or just watch my kid. I’m a big puzzle fan as well, and can’t wait to tackle massive ones together one day.



I still love my m61 Power Peel pads. But they’ve become a once a week product due to their strength (and their price). These L’Oreal pads are more gentle, equally effective, and quite affordable. I use these every other night, alternating with the Goop exfoliating instant facial. This mix of chemical and physical exfoliation has improved my skin tone and texture significantly.

(I have a full skincare routine post in the pipeline – stay tuned!)


This bag. It was a save-for-years, purchase-for-a-big-occasion kind of splurge. And it’s been one of my best bag purchases ever. The Hermés Evelyne III is everything – beautiful, functional, and conveniently monogrammed for myself as well as the fashion house. I’ve been reaching for this bag for my busy days and bringing my iPad Pro instead of my MacBook. It obviously holds my necessities, but the wide strap and crossbody wear make it so comfortable to lug around as I run around the city. It’s one of the most practical bags I own – something I never thought I’d say about Hermés. And worth every minute and penny I’ve saved and waited for it (and then found a great deal on The RealReal).

Have you made any amazing discoveries this month or last? COMMENT below and let me know!

P.S – my most recent Hit List, and the very first one. We’ve come a long, long way baby.

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