Say Gray

Poncho. Cape. Cardigan.

Call it what you will, but I wear them constantly. Especially now, and especially in the winter.

You’ve seen this one multiple times – here and here. I throw it on top of a monochromatic gray or black outfit. I throw it on top of a travel outfit.

I even throw it on over pajamas. I’m wearing it on top of this t-shirt and these joggers, as I type this post while watching Madame Secretary.

This gray and black outfit has been my go-to outfit for traveling, whether for a flight or a quick drive down to Philadelphia. I’ve been shuttling back and forth recently for work, and I find myself reaching for this poncho every time.

It’s my favorite layering piece. Which is appropriate, given that it’s paired with so many of my favorite items.

There’s this short-sleeved sweater that always flatters. The skinny black pants that I reach for whenever I need some extra polish to my look. The flats that are slightly man-repelling, but so damn comfortable. The weekender bag that fits everything I need for 3 days.

Nothing in this outfit is new (or even new-ish). But that’s why I wear it, time and time again.

Writing this post got me thinking about my closet, and my shopping habits. While it’s in the best interest of this series to share the latest and greatest trends and items, it’s not me. I gravitate to my favorite items (even the sold out ones, like this cape) time and time again. Whatever leisure time I have is spent reading books or crocheting yet another baby hat.

Not shopping. And I like it.

Instead, I rely on sartorial security blankets like this outfit.

And I could use a little more comfort in my life. Couldn’t you?

What’s your sartorial security blanket? COMMENT below and let me know!