Gift Guide: Kids

Next to parents, kids can be the toughest to shop for. My cousin’s children have reached the age where they stop providing their holiday wish lists and instead reply “I dunno” when asked what they want. After sneakily watching my nephews and deducing the conversations with my nieces, I present my picks for the perfect holiday gifts for kids.

1.  American Girl gift certificate (any value) – Widely loved by girls of all ages, giving them money to spent at AG will have the recipients worshipping you.  Save yourself the hassle of the actual stores or perusing the website and let them buy what they want.
2.  Nameplate necklace  ($30)- A girl’s first piece of jewelry is always a treasured object.  Up the ante with a personalized name plate necklace – at this price point, it’s a great gift for all the young girls in your life.
3.  Karaoke station ($60) – Kids love to perform.  This karaoke system allows them to belt their favorites directly from their iPod.  You may want to include some earplugs with this gift, for the parents.
4.  iPod shuffle ($129) – As important as a girl’s first piece of jewelry is a kid’s first piece of technology.  Start with the iPod shuffle before giving pricier models.
5.  Star Wars plush toys (start at $9) – A huge Star Wars fan, I would have loved to receive these plushes as a child (and still kind of want them, to this day).  These are a great way to bring the legend of Star Wars to your young ones.
6.  Gummy Bear lamp ($28) – Apparently Carly (of iCarly) has one of these lamps in her room on the television show.  I just thought they were fun (and far healthier than the candy variety).
7.  Sorry! Nostalgia edition (from $15) – If you’re going to gift a classic game, make sure it’s one that can be treasured for years to come.  I love the nostalgia editions of the classic board games.  Sorry! is always a favorite.
8.  Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess ($50) – For the Harry Potter fan in your life (regardless of age).  I’m tempted to purchase this for myself.
9.  Percy Jackson & The Olympians boxed set ($18) – Books are, without a doubt, my favorite gifts to give and receive.  I read this series on the recommendation of my nephews, and highly recommend to any kid who craves a bit of adventure and loves the magical.