Follow Me Into The Dark

I have never read a book like this before.

And I don’t think I’ll read another book like it.

Having been let down by some recent thrillers (Luckiest Girl Alive was terrible, in my opinion), I’ve basically avoided them.

But it’s not every day your friend writes a book. And not just any book, but a novel that you’ve been hearing about for years.

It was worth the wait – and more.

Felicia is one of the most talented writers I know (just read her incredible blog). Her prose is gorgeous, and such a contrast to the dark tale she penned.

The book begins with a woman’s hair on fire. There’s a death, an affair, a twisted sibling relationship. Mental health, family dysfunction, and history are woven into a book that you can’t put down – no matter how hard you try.

Follow Me kept me on my toes, from the first page to the last chapter. The book‘s timeline jumps around a bit, with every chapter focused on a different character. This format can be excellent or awful, and I’m pleased that it’s the former. I think this is why I didn’t see most of the book‘s twists coming – I was too absorbed in the story of the chapter’s character, and the way they thought and the things they did.

While Follow Me is dark, it wasn’t scary the way The Shining is. Rather, the story seeps into your thoughts and lingers. It never really leaves you – I finished it last Sunday and I’m still thinking about Kate, Jonah, and Norah (ooooh, Norah).

It’s one of the few books that I plan to read again soon, and I’m excited to discover new clues and observations that I missed the first time.

The other novel that I’m fully obsessed with, and my current bookshelf.