Fitness On The Go – Liz DiAlto


This is the bold statement made by the fitness maven behind my favorite current workouts.  Liz DiAlto, a women who shares my love of Aziz Ansari, yoga, and Vitamix blenders, can largely be attributed to my recent recommitment to regular workouts.

More reasons why I love Liz and her workouts – they’re FREE (available here), they’re quick, and they pack one hell of a burn.  And they’re obviously effective.

Most importantly, they can be done with minimal equipment and in small spaces – the perfect workouts on the go.  I did her Armpit Fat and Hotel Room workouts earlier this week in my room at the W Lakeshore, with my boy band favorites warbling in the background.  On deck tomorrow is her Chick Trifecta workout (note – go lighter on the lunge & switch jump reps – they’re KILLER).

Fitness On The Go Liz Dialto Workout

 And with any luck, I won’t fear the bikinis sitting in my dresser for upcoming weekend getaways.  One can hope, at the very least.