Breakfast Tartine


Le Pain Quotidien introduced me to the beauty that is the open-faced sandwich (or tartine, if you’re feeling fancy). Their curry chicken salad has been a steady lunch order of mine for 8 years now.

But my sandwich/tartine efforts at home were limited to chili cheese toast or the occasional peanut butter & honey. Which, given how much I love to cook, is pathetic.

I whipped up this breakfast tartine one morning after I had made Rho some scrambled eggs. As he played with his food (and rubbed egg in his hair – toddlers), I cut into my breakfast, took a bite, and nearly swooned.

You can play around with this with different vegetables, breads, or spreads. But a crispy egg and double toasted bread are essentials for this dish.

You can even make two, for a heartier breakfast.

Scratch that. You SHOULD make two.



  • Pop bread in toaster. Toast once, flip, and toast again on medium heat.
  • Heat two teaspoons of olive oil in a small pan (I like this one). Crack egg into the oil and season with salt, pepper, and red chili flakes.
  • Tilt the pan towards you and spoon the oil around the edge of the egg, specifically on the uncooked sections. Repeat for 30 seconds, until the edges of the egg are nicely browned.
  • Spread the hummus on one side of the bread. Add the greens on top, and the egg on top of the greens.

What’s your go-to breakfast? If I’m not eating this, I’m usually reheating leftovers and adding an egg on top. COMMENT below and let me know!

P.S. – the pancakes I make every Saturday, and a breakfast fried rice recipe that’s ideal for using up extra rice or quinoa in your fridge.

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