30 Before 30 – Update #1

To keep myself accountable with my 30 Before 30 list, I’ll be sharing what I accomplished each month, at the end of each month. Let’s dive in, shall we?

30before30 update 1

1.  Join the board of directors of an organization.
4.  Commit to a philanthropic cause and contribute in a meaningful way (besides just donating funds).

I very recently joined the board of directors of the Tigerlily Foundation, an incredible organization whose mission is to educate, advocate for, empower and provide hands-on services and support to young women (15-40), before, during and after breast cancer.  I just attended my first board meeting, and I’m very excited to work with a cause that I’m committed to professionally and personally.

5.  Get my binge spending habits under control, once and for all.
I’ve actively been working on this item, and something that’s helped is recording all my spending.  I’ve tried countless ways of doing this, but have finally built the habit of it by using Toshl (personal expenses) and Expensify (work purchases).  Not only does it keep my spending in check, I also submit my expense reports promptly, much to the relief of my colleague.  I’ll update you all on this one every now and then, to keep you posted on it.

17.  Watch a horror movie (I HATE them, but I’m all for getting out of my comfort zone).
I saw World War Z.  I watched most of it shielding my eyes with my hands or my husband’s shoulder.  In my mind, it qualifies as a horror movie.  Also, I’m a wuss.

22.  Become a patron of an arts group – performing or museum.
I purchased a membership to the MoMA.  Mostly to experience the Rain Room exhibit.  Which we never did.  Oh well, at least I love modern art!

On deck for August?  Focus on my health (and items #16, #21, #29), get the dreaded wax out of the way (and promptly treat myself to a pool or beach day), and tackle the guitar the second half of the month, when I have a chance to catch my breath.  To see my entire 30 Before 30 list, click here.