Travel Tip – Rain Essentials


Rainy days suck.  They just do.

They’re infinitely worse when you’re traveling.  Especially when you’re making a run for your rental car, across an open parking lot, as the sky opens above you.

This has never happened to me.  Not.  It happened last May when I traveled to Iowa City for work.  By the time I reached my hotel, my look was more “drowned rat” than “pharmaceutical executive.”

While I forget the most obvious tip – pack a damn umbrella – I have added two must-pack items to my arsenal of must-pack items, and made some smarter decisions with my luggage choices.

My poor leather duffel will never look the same after that deluge Iowa trip – but my current luggage will never follow the same fate.

Let’s talk gear.  This anorak, besides being an all-around excellent rain coat, also folds up into a small bag that doubles as a comfortable travel pillow.  I wore this baby to run errands earlier this week.  Not only did it keep me dry, the orange color cheered up my mood on the dreary day.  If orange isn’t your jam, a black version is also available.  Already own an anorak?  Fold and roll it, and pack it inside a Baggu zippered pouch.  DIY travel pillow FTW.

I wish I was the person to invent these packable goloshes.  Not only do they pack up easily and fit in my shoe bag (AFTER all my shoes are packed), they can be slipped on all those “damn I shouldn’t have worn these” shoes.  Velvet smoking slippers?  No problem.  Satin heels?  Done and done.

It’s always a good call to pack a Baggu tote, whether it’s to protect your purse or to toss your wet anorak or boots in.  I have one of these totes  in nearly all my bags.  Note – they also make for the perfect packing accessory for crazy long flights.

Just in case, I recommend packing one pair of shoes that are relatively weather-proof.  I recommend these sparkly Supergas.

With regards to your luggage (your suitcase/duffel and your personal item), make sure all your items are lined with water-resistant fabric.  Hard-case suitcases also hold up better against the elements than their soft-sided companions.  All the bags by Lo & Sons, Dagne Dover, and Everlane boast durable, weatherproof lining.

Also, pre-pack an umbrella.  And check the weather of your destination before you pack.

What do you pack for rainy trips?  Any preparation tips that you follow?  COMMENT below and let me know!

The fine print – Go Go Golosh gifted me a pair of their goloshes, but all opinions are my own.  I only recommend items I truly love and use, and these are outstanding.
  • Karen Koblan

    Sadly, I have never been prepared for rain on a trip. As much as I know it’s a possibility, I never want to give up that precious space in my bag. It’s really bad! I love the packable anorak though. It would totally work for me!

    • hithaonthego

      It’s so convenient, no? Mine is in my “travel drawer” with my toiletries, hair tools, etc. Makes life SO much easier!

  • kat

    can you bring an umbrella in a carry on? I realize that might be a dumb question, but it’s one of the reasons I never pack one!

    • hithaonthego

      You can! I just seem to always forget one.

  • Scotchgard! The best travel tip I’ve gotten from my BFF. It not only helps protects against stains but also repels liquids. I don’t know if it comes in travel size, but if I’m going to a rainy/snowy location I spray my pieces down in advance, especially any outerwear, bags & shoes.

    • hithaonthego

      Thanks for the tip! Will be employing it ASAP!

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  • Sarah Singletary-Marquez

    Hi Hitha,

    Great tips! Love those Go Go Goloshes, what a great idea! I couldn’t find the anorak you suggested in my size, so I looked around and wanted to share info on another great packable anorak : Cole Haan Metallic Packable Raincoat with Stowaway Hood. It comes in Black, Feather (grey) and Poppy! (FYI: It’s 50% off right now at Nordstrom!)