• Tanvi

    That scarf is beautiful!!!

  • Oh Hitha, you’ve done it again…another great post. I like this post. It’s great to have ideas on what to wear when traveling. My uniform is skinnies, flats or boots and oversize sweater and don’t forget the scarf. All bring that along in case I get chilly on the place. Look forward to seeing more posts like this!

  • Ree @ The Downtown Dreamer

    I completely agree, Hitha! I have a similar sweater and it’s a dream to travel with. Comfort is number 1 for me when traveling. A comfortable (yet stylish) sweater and a scarf are my “must-haves”.

    – Ree

  • Delilah Panio

    Great post, Hitha! I have a similar travel uniform – jeans (because they are the bulkiest and take up too much room in the carry-on), layers of trendy T + soft wrap sweater + scarf or pashmina (which doubles as my blanket on the plane) + wedges (still comfy but I’m short so like some height) + often a hat for those “it’s too early in the morning to do my hair” or “I’m heading home and am exhausted” flights.

  • I have a similar travel uniform, but I usually wear leggings instead of jeans. Living in Hawaiʻi means that most of my flights are pretty long, and leggings are more comfortable for sleeping on the plane. I also sometimes wear ankle booties — slightly more dressy, plus I don’t have to pack them. I usually take them off and sub them for socks once I get on the plane. If I have to do any significant walking, either on a layover or when I land, I might pack flats in my carry-on.

  • I love seeing your style, but I also understand the rationale behind your vision for the blog to be purposeful. Personally, I come here (because I love you/r blog and also) because I really enjoy your narratives about smart travel and career building. Seeing what you’re wearing is just a nice change of pace every now and again/added bonus (because I’m a creep). :)

    Hope to see you IRL SOON! Safe travels in the meantime, love. xo

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Lovely! This is the perfect travel look – I cannot live without an easy-to-get-into tote & a pashmina when I travel. Keep up the great work! <3

  • This is effectively what I plan on wearing on the plane when we take off in less than a month. Since we are going somewhere hot I will have a lighter layer underneath and room in my tote to stuff that sweater. Also my scarf I plan on wearing will be able to double as a pareo.

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  • LOVE your scarf!!!!

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