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This Week 52


That’s what keeping me going, you guys.

Nothing exciting happening this week – just working my not-so-little tush away.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend celebrating my big brother’s birthday and new gig, a chill game night with Victoria and the husbands, and continuing to chip away at the Outlander series.

  • It’s US Open time!  Why are so few Americans advancing in Grand Slam tournaments?  This article offers several explanations.
  • Honest company logos.  So, so true.  So funny.
  • Think life in outer space is just a myth.  THINK AGAIN.  #ifinglovescience
  • Did you know hospital room design has a tangible impact on patient outcomes?  In the same vein, I love this room that Ashlina designed for a young cancer patient in Houston.
  • The man behind Mo’Ne Davis and so many inner-city Philadelphia youth athletes.  To call his work inspiring is a gross understatement.
  • On being selfless.  Something I admittedly struggle with regularly.

Have a wonderful LONG weekend!

  • Thanks for including me my post, lady!

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  • That Hot Pocket slogan is so spot on! And I loved the post about hospital room design. My grandparents are at that age/condition where we’ve had to spend some time in hospitals with them, and it’s ridiculous how poorly designed some rooms can be. They’re almost never comfortable or convenient, and we always cross our fingers for a room with just a sliver of natural light!

  • Ashlina

    I heart you