This Week

Peace for Paris

I needed a break last week.

It was a typical week – plenty of things to be done for Bridge2Act and the book, events to attend in the evenings, mornings spent with the little guy. And rather than capturing the moments on social media or furiously writing posts in a spare moment, I wanted to just enjoy them.

I was mesmerized by Hamilton. I savored my friend Rupali’s Diwali dinner. I strolled into the Condé Nast offices for a meeting AND to catch a glimpse of Anna and Grace (whose hair is even more spectacular in person).

And when I found out about the Paris attacks, I allowed myself to just sit, watch, and attempt to process it all.

While my schedule this week looks like any other, I go through my work with a heavy heart. I hug my loved ones a little harder. And I thank my lucky stars to be alive.

  • An interview with the artist of the widely shared Peace for Paris symbol. What ISIS really wants – a must-read for everyone.
  • Back to the lighter topics. I can’t believe this is a real job.
  • The transformation of this condo during the #oneroomchallenge is INCREDIBLE.
  • A beach bum, mother of 5, and daughter of design and aristocratic legends. India Hicks also has some amazing advice for everyone. (Her mother’s memoir is one of my favorite books from last year)
  • Do yourself a favor and add this dish to your Thanksgiving table.
  • I loved Molly’s essay on how blogging and social media has impacted how we live.

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