Travel business

Portavi Company

April 19, 2012

I’m excited.  Thrilled, really.  Ecstatic is probably the best word.

And a little crazy.

After inhaling By Invitation Only over the weekend, I summoned the courage to finally start the company I’ve been thinking about for a while now.  And after hours poured over my computer and spent in my closet, it was born – Portavi Company.

Meaning “to carry” in Latin, Portavi Company is a travel styling service that helps you pack for whatever trip, for however long, stylishly and comfortably – and in a carry-on.  It’s a talent of mine I always rendered useless, until recently.

I’m incredibly excited to launch this venture.  I’m currently in the beta phase of my Pack It Up service and am offering Hitha On The Go readers a discounted session for $25 for any upcoming trip they have coming up.  After filling out a questionnaire and a closet consultation (either in-person or Skype), I will put together a packing list and lookbook for you to pack and travel with.

I’d be ever so grateful for your support, either with a session or with following Portavi Company on Twitter, Facebook, (or both!).

I’m both ecstatic and petrified of starting this venture – but no time like the present.  I’m looking forward to the journey, and to share it with you all.

Are any of you bit by the entrepreneurship bug? What business would you start? Write them in the comments below – I’m happy to help, in any way I can. #womenruntheworld