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Black & White

August 13, 2013


- J.Crew blouse (old), 7FAM pants (on sale!), Send the Trend bangles,
J.Crew pumps (love these too), Forever 21 clutch (old), earrings from India -

Can I make a confession?  When black and white was announced as “on trend” for 2013, I laughed.  Hard.

How can two colors (or if we want to get technical, absence of colors) be deemed as a trend?  My Indian self scoffed at the idea of not wearing at least one bright hue in an outfit.

But this outfit happened.  And while I still refuse to acknowledge this graphic color combination as a trend, it offers a nice respite from my usual colorful outfits.  Especially when paired with icy silver accessories (traditionally Indian Hitha, donned in a sari and laden in gold and ruby jewelry, has no idea what to do with this outfit post).

What’s one trend you never saw yourself donning?  Did you eventually try it out?   COMMENT below – I’d love to know!  

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Photography by Lydia Hudgens





Gettin’ Away

July 9, 2013


- Sail to Sable tunic c/o, Sir Alistair Rai scarf (updated style), DIY Jack Rogers sandals c/o,
BaubleBar bracelet and ring, Send The Trend earrings (old), Kate Spade tote c/o -

The title of this post is completely deceiving.

You see, while I have traveled quite a bit this summer, it hasn’t been on vacation.  Familial obligations, business trips…that’s more like it (I’m in Dallas right now, and flying to Charlotte tonight).

My husband and I had the brilliant idea to take one MAJOR vacation this year, at Thanksgiving.  We cashed in all our airline miles and hotel points for a 3 week jaunt around Asia (China, Bali, Malaysia, and South Korea specifically), but failed to realize that we’d probably need a quick trip this summer to recharge.

Silly us.  So while a proper vacation this summer isn’t exactly in the cards, I’ve just been dressing like I’m already on holiday.  And what says “summer getaway” better than a linen tunic and a cheeky quoted tote?  And classic gold sandals, naturally.

And I can assure that we won’t be making the same mistake next year.  In fact, I’m already looking at a trip through Scandanavia next summer to celebrate our 30th birthdays (and me conquering everything on this list).

What’s your go-to vacation look?  Do you have any exciting travel plans this summer?  COMMENT below and let me know!

Photography by Lydia Hudgens



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White Out

June 25, 2013



- Annie Griffin top c/0, J Brand jeans, DIY Jack Rogers sandals c/o, Rebecca Minkoff bag,
BaubleBar ring & bracelet, Send The Trend earrings, Amazon sunglasses -

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the most perfect summer top.  It really is.

While billowy, it remains flattering (just be sure to pair it with a fitted bottom!) and the white eyelet makes it perfect for summer.  When paired with my favorite jeans and go-to accessories, it’s come together in another outfit I reach for during panicked I-have-nothing-to-wear moments.  I’ll be pairing this with the infamous Zara skort that’s been making its way around the blog world next, and wishing I was watching Wimbledon live.  Because seriously, can you think of a more perfect outfit?  Negative.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens



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