I must admit that Victoria’sMan Behind The Blog” series is how I’ve stumbled across a number of my favorite blogs.  Fashion Truffles, penned by the lovely Viv, was one of the first – a girl with style, humor, and a non-fashion day job was one I knew I would get along with famously.  We became “blog buds” quickly after Kenny’s Man Behind The Blog was posted.  It came to no surprise to either of us when we hit it off at a brunch held by Kat earlier this month, especially when Viv recounted her and Kenny’s ways of managing with turbulence (leaving the table in stitches with laughter).  Obviously, an En Route With… feature had to happen.  And here it is!


Viv Norden
Financial Accountant | Blogger, Fashion Truffles

My packing style is quite peculiar. I’m an anal list maker and planner so I start a list of what to wear/pack a few weeks before any given trip – no matter how short or long the trip may be (I told you I was anal!). I’m also a really good folder (ask Kenny) so I organize my suitcase just right. My packing lists always consist of a lot of versatile pieces that I can easily mix and match. For example, for our two week trip to Thailand I only packed two pairs of pants, one pair of jeans, and a pair of shorts. All of those could be worn for day or night by pairing them with the right top, shoes, and accessories. Now, what do I tend to overpack? Shoes and bags! Perhaps it’s just that I own way too many of them or I’m just indecisive at the time of packing them but I always end up with an extra pair of shoes and a few clutches.

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En Route With…Meg Biram

March 14, 2013

En Route With… is a feature I’ve had in the works for some time.  I’ve always had a fascination with how other people travel – even as a child, I’d be perfectly quiet and still in airports as I quietly watched people whiz by.  Other passengers complimented my mother on her good parenting, but I simply was engrossed in observing the people around us, wondering about the details of their lives (and often making up their stories in my own head).  I’ve taken that same curiosity and channeled it into this new series, which will feature fellow bloggers and jetsetters on how they travel.  First up, the fantastic Meg Biram.

en route with meg biram

Over the past few years I’ve traveled a lot for work, and now that I don’t live near my family anymore, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling to them as well. I’ve learned over the past two years that I’m a ridiculous over-packer and that I need time to plan out my packing to be able to pack lightly. I used to take way too many shoes with me, and more options than I had meals in a day, but now I’m much much better at paring down what I bring.

I typically pack the easy things first — underwear, bras, socks, and any chargers and things that I don’t need before I leave. Then I get to my outfits. I set out my clothes on my bed & pick out some shoes, and hopefully if I have given myself enough time, I can pare down what I think I’m going to bring to what I should bring to lighten my load. I add my beauty products and electronics last because I typically am using them up until I leave.

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10 Essentials for Long Flights

December 18, 2012

top 10 essentials for long flights

My husband and I are jetting off to Thailand on Thursday.  In my true OCD nature, I’ve already begun to pack.

We have a brutal travel schedule ahead – a 14-hour flight to Tokyo, followed by a 7-hour flight to Bangkok.

Surviving 20+ hours of travel requires a few aides.  Like these.  (Booze & Ambien not shown – nor recommended, if you can avoid them!)

1. Noise-canceling headphones drown out crying babies & loud passengers.  These also can be charged via USB, have tangle-resistant cords, and come with their own carrying case.
2. A luxurious travel blanket and sock set gives your economy seat a touch of first class.  Tip – unless it comes packaged in plastic, do not use the airline-provided blankets.  They are the biggest germ-spreaders.
3. A DKNY Cozy upgrades the style quotient of the most simple of travel outfits, and keeps you blissfully comfortable even in hour 10 of a flight.
4. Block light and prevent smushed eyelashes with this raised eye mask.
5. Catch up on all the books you meant to read this year in this Kindle – perfect when the movie selections are less than stellar.  Tip – click here for book recommendations.
6. The best neck pillow.  Ever.
7. Spritz this spray on your face and neck, early and often, to keep your skin hydrated and happy.
8. Keep swollen ankles at bay with compression socks – a cheery argyle pair, that is.
9. Prevent dead batteries with this lifesaving gadget.  Frankly, it should be a permanent fixture in every work bag and purse.
10. Airplane food has nothing on these delicious snacks.  Tip – eat a hearty meal at the airport, and bring a bottle of water.  No caffeine or booze while traveling.  In-flight hangovers are exponentially worse than those at sea level.

Not shown:
Anti-bacterial towelettes to wipe down your bag and laptop (after security) and arm rest/tray table.  A heavy-duty bag to carry all the essentials.  A travel wallet, filled with confirmation printouts and local currency.  These mini-toothbrushes are a lifesaver.

What do you pack for painfully long flights?  Please share in the comments – I’d love to know!