Summer Storm Essentials


Given my hatred of rain and gloomy weather, you may be shocked to know that I spent my college years in Seattle.  How I managed to graduate with biochemistry and history degrees in four years is beyond me – when faced with a rainy day in NYC, I trudge through my necessary tasks for the day and curl up in bed with a massive bowl of popcorn and a great read.

The aforementioned activity has been happening more than I’d like to admit.  I blame the weather entirely.

The only thing that can get me out of bed and into the rain are good friends and good food.  Jessica, Hallie, Lacey, and the Brindle Room are just that.  And so I went into the monsoon last Friday night for a much-needed dinner and drinks.  Happily enough, I reached my destination only slightly wet and my look still looking casually chic.

And since I’m all about sharing, here they are – my summer storm essentials.


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My nicest quality umbrellas can’t hold up to hurricane-esque storms.  My bubble umbrella, however – it’s lasted through Sandy, Irene, and countless thunderstorms in between.  Chic AND budget-friendly, it’s a if-it-rains-in-your-city-you-should-buy-it must have.  Same goes with this J.Crew coat – I picked it up on a stormy day in Philadelphia (no sales tax!) and have been wearing it all spring, even when the possibility of rain is remote.  It’s just that cute.  Not one to wear boots unless absolutely necessary, I ADORE these rain loafers, designed by Jason Wu for the rainwear brand Melissa.  I also have my eye on these flats, and I love the strappy jelly sandals (what?  It’s been raining a lot).  While I wore a pair of boyfriend jeans last Friday night, I wish I had donned my neoprene dress by Clover Canyon – when else should one wear a dress made of scuba suit material, if not in a deluge?  I never leave the house anymore without a little bag of makeup and hair items (a new thing for me, and apparently what women have been doing for decades) – for rainy days, I keep extra hair ties & bobby pins, hairspray, blotting sheets, and powder. My makeup bag and other necessities reside in a classic crossbody that can withstand the elements (for real – I’ve had it for three years and it still looks like new).

Side note – for someone who hates the rain as much as I do, I really want to go to the Rain Room at the MoMA.  Ironic?  Completely.

Do you love the rain or hate it?  What are your favorite rainy day activities?  I’d love to know what your summer storm essentials are – COMMENT below and let me know!

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  • instantphoebe

    I love that bubble umbrella! I wish someone would invent a bubble umbrella that folds, so it’s compact enough to put in your bag.

    • hithaonthego

      That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? I’d buy it immediately!

  • I love rainy days, especially when I can stay home and read a good book! If not, a good umbrella is key. Mine broke today (again) so I might be investing in that bubble umbrella soon!

    • hithaonthego

      I’ve dealt with more broken umbrellas than I’d like to admit – the bubble really is the BEST.

  • daisy

    I need to get myself a bubble umbrella! All my umbrellas seem to be useless in the NYC rain.. I swear it rains sideways… haha

    & Pretty Things

    • hithaonthego

      I can’t recommend a bubble umbrella more highly – it’s really the best.

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