Apologies for the lack of posts – I’ve been bed-ridden this week with a stomach virus.  Between attempting to keep down solid foods and sleeping, all I’ve been able to do is watch Friday Night Lights, sip coconut water, and attempt to do laundry (a failure, if you want to know).  Posts will be back next week, but in the meantime you can enjoy these:

Joanna posted wonderful guides to NYC on her blog.  I can’t wait to check out her recommendations.

Who doesn’t want to throw a dinner party, after watching this video by Emily?

I’m newly obsessed with this blog, especially since my husband put me on a massive spending freeze.

Mimi + Meg should be on your reader if it isn’t already – fashion and decor eye candy to the fullest.

The fashionable Olivia Palermo is launching a blog next week.  Get the details here.

I’m obsessing over Carolyn’s fall style (and want to borrow that Vanessa Bruno coat!)

I’m in need of a major haircut and have subsequently having major hair envy.  Christine’s curly locks are stunning.

Confession –  I have a style crush on Kate Middleton.  If you do as well, this is a must-read.

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