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2013 The Creative Year

I didn’t set New Year’s resolutions this year.  Rather, I set this year with a theme – to become more creative.

I spent my childhood unintentionally creative – I danced, sang, drew, played instruments, and wrote.  I didn’t realize it then, but pursuing these creative endeavors allowed me to perform better at school.  It also made me happier.

While this blog does serve as a creative outlet of sorts, it’s also become a bit of a second job (which I love).  However, I need something more.  And I wasn’t quite sure what more was – until I read these books:

Reading List Creativity

The Artist’s Way – I talked about writing my morning pages here (a habit still going strong!) and how much it’s helped me, but Julia Cameron’s entire book is full of incredible advice, and a tactical plan, to help you unleash your creative energy.  It’s THE book that can help everyone.

The Creative Habit – I saw it on my Instagram feed some while back, and immediately purchased it without reading any reviews because of the bold cover.  The famed choreographer treads the line of self-help and memoir carefully in this tome, which also provides tactical advice on cultivating creative habits.  It’s a quick read, and one of my favorites on this list.

Bird By Bird – focused on writing, this book has helped me cultivate a daily habit of writing, for writing’s sake.  Writing has been one of my most favorite creative outlets since…well, when I learned how to write.  It also has helped me work on a literary project I’ve been thinking about for a while, but never pursued.

Super Brain – Not necessarily devoted to creativity, but this book is an eye-opener on how our brains work – and how to make them work better.  No surprise here that creative projects enable us to think and perform better in our non-creative lives.  All in all, a solid read.

How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci – While I haven’t tackled this book yet, it’s been recommended to me by multiple people.  Plus, the title just catches your attention, doesn’t it?

My other creative endeavors include – resuming dance classes (taking a hip-hop class on Thursday with Megan), setting time aside every other weekend to explore a new neighborhood and take pictures (just for the sake of taking them), and doing more DIY projects.

Are you a creative person?  I’d love to know – how do you incorporate creativity in your daily lives?

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  • Bryn Miyahara

    Great book suggestions! Will have to put down my vampire books and pick up something a little more useful! Totally agree, creativity is so important and something we sort of get away from as we get older.

    • hithaonthego

      Bryn – I’m all for a good vampire read, but these make for a nice change of pace.

      Also – HI! Been so long since our UW days

  • I used to do morning pages in college. I’ve been trying to get back to my creative side for a while (writing professionally seems to dampen my creative spirit). I’m trying to focus on that this year as well.

  • Iwona

    Very interesting post! I greet:)

  • love this post, and your theme for 2013. While I’m in a creative profession, sometimes I’m so bogged down with the day to day that I’d love to take a step back for some creative inspiration.

  • I own 3 out of the 5 and will definitely check out the others. Love the idea of a theme, and I love that you chose creativity. I saw this amazing status from Shiva Rea today on FB: Vibrate with the creative energy of your cells. Make beauty spontaneously everywhere. Let your creative power flow unencumbered. We are alive and our shimmer is an offering to those in the spirit world.

    • hithaonthego

      Thanks for sharing that status Lucy – I love it!

  • I’m bookmarking this post Hitha – as Liz Lemon said, “I need to read more”.