I’m in constant denial at how fast summer (and 2014 in general) is flying by.

Case and point – I refuse to believe that it’s been over a month since we got back from our Scandinavian vacation.

It may be due to the fact that the trip feels like it was yesterday.  I can still smell the fresh air from the Baltic Sea.  My feet can feel the worn parquet floors of the Hermitage.  I can still taste the delicious Swedish meatballs.  Oooooh, the meatballs.

I’m also still patting myself on the back for packing list during this trip.  Just 9 articles of clothing (not counting pajamas and underwear, of course) for 10 outfits.  2 pairs of shoes.  THAT’S IT.

Don’t believe me?  Check out my outfit snaps from the trip.

It’s amazing how few items of clothing you actually need for a trip.

Every item of clothing was worn at least twice.  I felt comfortable and stylish the entire trip.  And my suitcase didn’t require me to sit on top of it in order to close.

Tops - the weather ranged from the low 60′s to the low 80′s during our trip.  I kept things simple with a two lightweight t-shirts from La Senorita Jolie, a chambray blouse (always a classic), and my favorite travel shirt.  It’d be easy to layer any of the tops with my blazer or cardigan if I was cold, or could be worn alone on warmer days.

Bottoms - I live in Current Elliott boyfriend jeans in the summer – they’re the only pair of jeans that look better after they’ve been worn a few times after a wash.  Naturally, I would bring a pair for this trip.  I rounded it out with my favorite skinny jeans from Topshop, which can be worn about 5 times before signs of saggy butt syndrome.

Dress - since we planned on eating casually or in our rooms in the ship, both my husband and I left our fancy duds at home.  My jersey halter dress, dressed up with jewelry and a nice bag, was elegant for our evenings at Catherine Palace and at the ballet, but also comfortable enough for walking around Stockholm on our last day.

Cardi - calling this item of clothing a “cardi” does it a grave injustice.  I wore it as a cape, a dress, a top, and as a scarf numerous times during the trip.  Is there a better article of clothing for travel?  NO.  Just no.

Shoes – two pairs.  That’s it.  I knew both my flats and sneakers could handle long walking days, and they did not disappoint.  Both pairs were also broken in and could handle rainy weather, which was in the forecast for our trip.

Accessories - two necklaces (a blinged out BaubleBar piece and a simple Julie Vos one) and a silk scarf gave each of the outfits a stylish touch.  My husband surprised me with a pair of Alanna Bess earrings for my birthday, which I wore frequently during the trip as well.  Sunglasses were necessary, given that the sun doesn’t set until midnight in the Baltic region.  My Sole Society tote served me well during the flights and longer days on the town.  My Chanel bag was ideal for the sunny days (no umbrella needed!) and evenings.

And lastly, a few packing-light tips:

  • Pack a clothing refresher spray to make previously worn clothes smell fresh.  I love this one from the Laundress.
  • Vacation chub is a real thing.  Make sure the clothing you pack are still flattering when you’re not feeling your most fit.
  • CHECK THE WEATHER.  Our trip’s weather ranged almost 30 degrees and had both sunny and rainy days.  All of my shoes were relatively weatherproof, my travel umbrella was packed inside my suitcase, and I was comfortable the entire time.  Except for when I fell into a puddle in Tallinn.

Not headed to Scandinavia in the summer?  This packing list would work just as well for a casual springtime or fall trip.

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This Week

August 13, 2014

When you wake up to this post on Monday morning, you know it’s going to be a good week.  (THANK YOU JESS!)

And, you know, it’s been a good one.

The week is well balanced with meetings, plans with friends, and solo time.  I’m especially excited for a girls’ brunch and seeing my friend Jake perform on Saturday, and doing absolutely nothing on Sunday.

I hope your week is going just as well!

  • I have a deep love for old Hollywood history.  This feature in T&C only intensified it.
  • Felicia’s weekly food preparation has inspired me to step up my own game.  And invest in some of those delicious ThinkThin bars.
  • I loved my twenties (when I was still in my twenties).  As tumultuous as the decade was, 29 was the best year in it.  And it appears I’m not alone.
  • Juley’s 21 day challenge has given me the swift kick in my ass to do the same.  I share her goal of wanting to live lighter - starting with my closet.
  • Holy accomplished.  Binta Brown is an all-around badass, and an inspiration.
  • Ryan Reynolds’ application to be the editorial director of Preserve gave me a much-needed chuckle.

Any fun plans this weekend?  COMMENT below and let me know!


5 Favorite Summer Reads

August 12, 2014

Crazy Rich Asians | Clinton, Inc.
Blue Bloods | Outlander
Talking With My Mouth Full

Binges, inevitably, aren’t such a good thing.

Even something as innocuous as a reading binge.  Adios, productivity.

I blame these 5 books.  While I’ve probably read over 20 books this summer (yes, I have a problem), I couldn’t rip these 5 books out of my hands.  Kindle in hand, I brushed my teeth, heated up food, strolled leisurely on the treadmill (calling it a workout would be an embarrassment), and curled up in bed reading these 5 addictive reads.

They’re #bookcrack, in the best way.  Perfect for a curling up with a cup of tea on a rainy day, or sprawled out on a beach and basking in the sun.

Or reading on your tiny iPhone screen while you’re on the subway.

Read away.  I won’t judge.

Which books have you read recently?  Any can’t-put-down reads that I’ve missed?  COMMENT below and let me know!  I’m running on empty, book-wise.