What I Wear When I’m Traveling

This is one of my favorite outfits.

I reach for it when I’m working from home. I reach for it for rainy weekends. And I reach for it anytime I’m boarding a long flight.

I have 4 sets of these matching Zara top/pant combinations, and constantly stalk the website for more. They’re basically pajamas – elastic waistbands, draped fit – but don’t quite look like them.

Especially when you throw on a draped trench and matching sneakers, in the same color.

Because I love a monochromatic outfit – for work, for casual days, and when I’m pregnant.

Especially when I’m pregnant.

I wore this entire look on our flight to Paris last year, to LA on Monday, and will probably repeat it for our trip to Greece this summer.

That is, if I can’t get my hands on a new set. I just bought this one (top/pants) and this one (top/pants).

More options here, here, and here. And this outfit emulates the same look – right down to the color.

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