I promise – this will be the last you hear of #HGQ02.  And if you make it through this post, I’ll be dropping some hints about #HGQ03!

Blabbing into a camera about what and why I picked the items I did can get old.  It can also feel uncomfortably narcissistic.

So when it came to film the unboxing video for #HGQ02, I decided to make it a friendly affair and enlist the help of fellow jetsetter Hallie.  Lucky girl is jetting off to Paris next month, and every item in this box was perfectly equipped to help her tackle the overnight flight in style.

Bonus – she drops some excellent travel advice in the video as well.

- Dopp kitEyemaskBagguSnacks -

As to #HGQ03 – I wanted to get back to tackling major packing problems.  Clothing seems to be the biggest packing pain for…well…everyone, at some point in time.  And I’m happy to say that my third box will have you selecting and packing that clothing perfectly.

#HGQ03 ships in early November.  Order early, and order often (it’ll make for a great holiday gift for the clotheshorse and jetsetter in your life).

Questions?  Comments?  Ideas for upcoming Quarterly boxes?  Want to see more videos?  I want to know!  COMMENT below and let me know.


This Week

September 10, 2014


If there’s a word to sum up this past week, it’s that.  My calendar earlier this week was filled with meetings, presentations, and dinners with friends.

But when your father calls you on Sunday, choked up with awful news from India, your full calendar and prior commitments don’t matter.

Call your family members and tell them you love them.  Hug your friends a little tighter.  Keep things in perspective.

Below – a few links that gave me a rare and cathartic chuckle this week:

No other posts this week.  I wish you all a wonderful rest of your week and weekend, wherever you are.

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En Route With…Sasha Muir

September 8, 2014

Sasha Muir, founder of the beloved butter LONDON nail polishes and creator of my favorite wallet (ever!), will have you raiding your kitchen for the ultimate packing aid.  Given her frequent jaunts between Seattle and London, this woman knows exactly what she’s talking about.  And she’s kind enough to share her tricks with us in En Route With…

Sasha Muir
Founder, butter LONDON | Co-Founder & CEO, BEVEE

When I pack for a trip, I tend to oscillate between spending a lot of time on the perfect packing strategy OR I pack everything in my closet in a mad last minute dash. Neither is optimal.

When I do give myself time, I try to pack well in advance depending on the size of trip. If I’m going on say a family surfing trip to Costa Rica, I’ll start at least three weeks in advance, but if I’m visiting New York on business three days feels like enough time.  No matter what, every trip starts with a list. When I’m choosing my clothes, I’ll take pretty much my entire wardrobe, lay everything out on my bed, think about the possible outfit combinations that I’m ‘feeling’, and get rid of items that don’t work. It’s a constant filtering process. At the end I’ll end up with outfits that have one or two top options to every one bottom and add jewelry.

My secret packing weapon is the Ziplock bag. Yes, I am obsessed! I place each outfit into a large Ziploc bag, squeeze the air out to make them super compact, and pack them separately. Sometimes, if I’m really on it, I label the bags with what’s inside or where I’ll be wearing it.  I only pack one type of each shoe style that I need for the trip – one pair of flats, one pair of heels, etc. The shoes have to work across all of my outfits.

I always carry my passport and other airport essentials in my BEVÉE convertible clutch wallet. I wear it as a crossbody through the airport then detach the strap and toss it in a tote bag in flight. Short or long trip, I always invest in a high-quality rolling suitcase. I’m a strong believer in making investments in quality materials and products that last.

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