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October 15, 2014

Honest question – do you believe in the whole Mercury in Retrograde mumbo jumbo?

I used to think it was bull.  These days, I fear the wrath of the retrograde whenever it rears its ugly head.  If anything, it gives me something to blame my inability to focus, be inspired, and get things done with my usual cheer.

This sluggish feeling aside, I’m genuinely loving this week.  An Eagles win on Sunday sets my mood for the week. A blowout win? I’m pretty pumped on Monday.  Feeling the baby kick for the first time DURING said Eagles game (and right after a touchdown, no less)?  Elated is an understatement.

Exciting things on deck this week – a dinner with Viviana and Lindsay, this day-long nerdfest all about the brain, and seeing my mom after 3 looooong months. I’ve missed her.  And her cooking.  Mostly her.  Can’t wait to give her a huge hug.

  • Jen Rubio made her name in the fashion world (Warby Parker, AllSaints).  Her newest job may surprise you.
  • Since our high school days in Colorado, Rachel and I have been criss-crossing the country, always on opposite sides.  She’s now settled in Seattle with her husband, baby girl, a house, and finally a blog.  Her post on going back to work after having her daughter is so poignant.  While things may change (marriage, kids, home ownership), some things stay the same.  Rachel remains one of the most talented writers I know personally.
  • The busy trap.  While I’ve done a fair job of not complaining about how busy I am, I do find myself bogged down in tactical work versus strategic, meaningful work.  If anyone has tips on how to make the shift from busy work to meaningful work, PLEASE share it!
  • Jet Set Candy is a jewelry brand that seems tailor-made for me – high quality, beautifully designed, and features my favorite destinations.  They’re having a trunk show at Bloomingdale’s in NYC from Thursday-Sunday, if you’d like to see the pieces in person.  I’ve started a charm bracelet with luggage tag charms of international destinations my husband and I have traveled together.
  • Talking about the high cost of cancer care in this country gets me ragey.  Scary ragey.  Drugs, while not the entire culprit, are a huge factor in the total care cost. While normally this topic leaves me feeling helpless, this 60 Minutes piece profiled several oncologists speaking out against drug costs. Burdening patients who have battled this disease with six figure debt is just WRONG.  And it has to change.
  • That gorgeous picture up top?  It’s from the newly launched Rose & Ivy, a new quarterly journal that’s all kinds of inspiring and beautiful.  Big thanks to Victoria for sharing the story of the journal and its founder Alison Dulaney.
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En Route With…Joy Bauer

October 13, 2014

Joy Bauer, MS, RDN
Health and Nutrition Expert for NBC’s TODAY Show, Best-Selling Author, Founder of Nourish Snacks

I am a major over-packer, and a very last minute packer too! It’s always better to have options, right? I have two Briggs & Riley bags—a large carry on suitcase with a garment compartment and a small carry-on for my work, computer and snacks. It’s a perfect combo because I can easily hook the smaller unit to the top of the larger suitcase and don’t have to coordinate rolling multiple bags (since I’m usually in at least 4-inch heels!). I am known to throw things in my bag 10 minutes before I’m supposed to be out the door, so there really isn’t any particular order when I’m in such a rush. Toss, toss, toss, and feverishly try to close the overstuffed bag. I’m definitely a folder. But nicer dresses and skirts that I’ll need for an event or a shoot remain on hangers and get transferred to the garment portion of the bag. When it comes to packing, last “second” sums it up.

Whether I check in my bag depends on the trip and how much I’ve overpacked – I used to try for only carry-on, but have had far too many embarrassing attempts at trying to squish my HUGE over-stuffed heavy bag into the overhead compartment (thank goodness for strong, helpful travel mates).  Now, depending upon where I’m going and how much I’m bringing, I’ll often check the larger bag and bring the smaller bag with essentials on the flight.

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I’m all for a weekend vacation.  I’m especially keen on weekend getaways in the autumn.

The bright colors of the leaves, the chill in the air, the ample supply of apple cider, and getting home early enough for Sunday football?  It’s the best. Sorry to the other seasons, but fall kind of kicks your ass.

We spent last weekend at the Tides Inn on the Chesapeake Bay, where the weather was warm and the food had lots of butter.  Even though we did our typical weekend routine (reading the papers and books, wandering around, and eating too much food), it was nice to do it in the peace and quiet of Irvington versus New York City.

You could probably get away with a lot less than I packed (one pair of shoes versus two, an additional sweater instead of a dress), but you will want to add pretty much everything to your fall wardrobe – cozy shirts that are also flattering, comfortable jeans (I opted for the maternity version), and a dress that will hide every evidence of the biscuits and gravy I indulged in every. single. morning.

Why aren’t biscuits and gravy a thing up north?  They need to be.

And yes, I received this items gratis thanks to my partnership with Old Navy.  Full disclosure – I’d buy every item myself, and have already purchased more maternity pants and flannel shirts (hello, fall and winter uniform).  But you can make out almost as well by getting 30% off your order using the code STUFFSAVE.

On to the outfits.

- Old Navy top, jeans, and boots c/o – BaubleBar necklaceWestward Leaning sunglasses -

- Old Navy dress, scarf, shoes, and bag c/o – Westward Leaning sunglassesJulie Vos jewelry -

- Old Navy top, jeans, scarf, shoes, and purse c/o – MZ Wallace tote c/o -

Special thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring the post.  All item selections and opinions are my own.