Leather Pants You Can Wear Anywhere

5:05 a.m – whyyyyyy? Oh, because I need to finish the Hit List post and get emails done. Let myself journal and meditate in bed before heading to the kitchen.

7:25 a.m – post is up! Savor my coffee while reading my Axios and Reliable Sources emails before Rho wakes up. It’s the only news I can handle on a daily basis.

8:30 a.m – Rho and I eat breakfast (a pancake for him, savory oatmeal for me) while we do a puzzle and listen to Lady Gaga (his request). We read books, have dance parties (my workout for the day), and talk to Alexa. I feel like I’ve been letting him watch too much television, and arm myself with activities in order to entertain him sans Elmo.

11:15 a.m – Naleeni’s here! I beeline for my bathroom to get ready. I find it hard to dress for 50 degrees, but settle on my favorite (faux) leather pants, an oxford, and a new cardigan that I can’t stop wearing. Easy. Simple. Me. I throw on a trench coat as I walk out the door (and have Mack snap that all-important outfit picture).

12:45 p.m – meet my friend Frenchie for lunch and got a tour of her office – The William Vale. This hotel is insane – in the best way. We feast on the ricotta with hot (spicy) honey and crispy kale, The OG pizza (aka the best pepperoni ever) and we each sipped a Baladin Cedrata (basically, a virgin Aperol Spritz).

2:45 p.m – made it to The Wing, after getting on the L in the wrong direction. MTA is not my friend today. Grab a matcha latte and plug in my phone for a couple of hours of calls.

6:15 p.m – close up my iPad Pro (all I worked on today was e-mails, video shoot prep, and some writing) and walk over to Junoon for dinner with my super-intern and her friend Carol. Alisha makes me feel old and cool at the same time – quite a feat. We ordered a feast – the chicken biryani, the mustard greens, the shahi lamb, chicken tikka masala, and garlic naan. It was a feast. I’m still full.

8:15 p.m – head uptown to stop by my girlfriend Melissa’s apartment. She’s headed to China on Friday, and she bribed me with wine in exchange for packing advice. I think I got the better end of the deal. It was one of those nights where talked about everything – weddings, politics, music, healthy eating, our men. These get-togethers have become so important for me – to maintain dear friendships, and to keep me connected to myself.

11:15 p.m – walk into my home. I immediately drink one TumTum of water, fill it up again, and head to my office to format and schedule this post. You know an outfit is a good one when you don’t immediately change out of it – as I edit in faux leather pants and a collared blouse. Fact. I skip watching the #JointSession speech replay, but I do watch the Crooked Media recap. It’s all I needed to see.

1:00 a.m – beddddddd. No reading. No meditating. No journaling. Tomorrow’s another crazy day (follow along on Instagram Stories for the play by play).

Are there any days you’d like to see what I wear – weekends, travel days, or a regular day at home? COMMENT below and let me know!

#ICYMI – what a day working from home looks like, and my favorite “dressed up but feel like pajamas” outfit.



Well, that was quick.

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  • I love this outfit!


    • hithaonthego

      Thanks Dana!

  • Karen

    I really like this series because I love the outfits as well as learning about what apps and other tech stuff your into lately. I’m always looking for productivity inspiration as a fellow working mom!