I Never Travel Without This

If I had to play favorites, this would be at the top of my list.

It’s a lightweight jacket. It’s a dress. It immediately dresses up the boyfriend jeans and t-shirt you commonly find me wearing.

It is, in a word, perfect.

As is the company that makes it. Encircled (and Everlane) was my first foray into sustainable fashion. But Encircled takes it a step further, with every element of their manufacturing process being eco-friendly, sustainable, and fair wage.

The Encircled Retrograde has come with me to Austin for SXSW, topped many a weekend outfit, and most recently was in heavy rotation in Greece. I wore it on top of my matching top and pants on the flight, by itself as a dress in the evenings, and even threw it on top of black shorts and a striped tank for dinner on the ship.

Power piece, it most certainly is.

And now, it’ll be my go-to topper (along with jeans and a t-shirt) for school drop-offs and on top of leather leggings for an evening dinner with friends or my husband.

A favorite, it most certainly is. I can’t wait to see what else Encircled has up its literal sleeve.

Photography by Lena Konstantakou via Flytographer

P.S – how I wore the Encircled Retrograde in Greece, and what I wore in Santorini. Here’s what else I’ve been wearing.

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  • Rachel Daugherty

    I have one of these and live in it. The only way it could be more perfect is if it had a pocket and was about 1″ longer (it’s a shortie dress on me!) . When I purchased it, I didn’t think I’d wear it anywhere as frequently as I do!

    • hithaonthego

      Pockets would be AMAZING. And I agree that it’s on the shorter side, which is why I only wear flats when wearing it as a dress.

  • Hitha, so gorgeous on you! New version is longer, and pockets – my gosh, that would be amazing. I’ll see what we can do for future versions!