Croissant Brie Grilled Cheese

Benjamin Franklin allegedly said “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

I would argue with him, because grilled cheese made with croissants and brie is proof of a higher deity’s love for us.

Café Lalo in the Upper West Side is one of our favorite spots (for delivery and for dining) – and not just because it was in You’ve Got Mail.

They’ve got crispy French fries, by the bucket should you want them. They have red velvet cheesecake (which is otherworldly).

And they have brie-croissant grilled cheese sandwiches.

After a 6-week streak of ordering this for lunch (sometimes twice a week), it was time to make this myself. Because $13 for a sandwich is kind of crazy, even by New York standards.

I made it. I ate it.

And then I made and ate it again.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.



  • 1 croissant, split in half
  • Supreme Brie, cut into four 1″ pieces
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • Honey
  • Butter


  • Layer the brie on the bottom half of the croissant
  • Crack black pepper on top of the brie, and drizzle honey. Place the top half of the croissant on top.
  • In a pan, melt a small pat of butter. Place the sandwich on the pan and cook until it’s golden brown.
  • Flip the sandwich and cook on the other side.[/one_half_last]

P.S – the salad you should eat after this sandwich, and another cheesy/carb dish I can’t get enough of.

Well, that was quick.

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  • Omg, this looks to die for! No wonder you ordered it weekly! Definitely planning to try because really, what isn’t better on a croissant?

  • Just added croissants and brie to my grocery list. Have mercy. This sounds incredible!

    26 and Not Counting

    • hithaonthego

      The honey-black pepper combo makes it even better.

  • Jennifer Horner

    Definitely going to have to try this – and might just have to use truffle honey for the drizzle.

    • hithaonthego

      Genius. Let me know how it comes out!

  • eye4style

    I feel fatter but happier just reading this post!

    • hithaonthego

      This sandwich is worth the salads and extra workouts :)

  • Tammy

    wowza! i was here dreaming about the apple pie filled croissant i had yesterday… then i see your grilled cheese croissant sammie and am lusting!

    • hithaonthego

      Apple pie filled croissant? Tell me more, tell me more!

      • Tammy

        I couldn’t find any good recipes or pics online. However, I was able to find this filled croissants recipe from Williams Sonoma –

        Basically imagine those ^ with apple turnover filling in them.

        • hithaonthego

          Yes. Oh yes. More of these in life, please.

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