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Hitha On The Go - Fitz Review

in partnership with Fitz

Does my closet always look like this?

Mostly, yes. Piles happen, and they usually happen right on this counter.

For as organized as I am, I’m also equally lazy about tidying up. I don’t put my clothes away immediately. There are usually a few pairs of shoes lined up by our front door. And our entryway table, to my husband’s chagrin, has at least one of my purses on it.

The only time they would get put away? When friends were about to arrive.

Shoes Organized By Fitz
Bags Organized by Fitz

Back to the closet. It is, in every way, a dream closet that we had designed and built when we moved in.

My shoes have their own shelves. My bags are neatly arranged and shelved by type.

And all of my clothes have a happy home.

Dresses Organized By Fitz
Separates Organized By Fitz

It wasn’t always this tidy, though.

My drawers were overflowing, my trusted staples tangled up with items I forgot I owned. Hangers were stuffed in the smallest openings, with relatively little order to the clothes.

And my poor bags. We won’t talk about the state of their storage.

Getting dressed every day was more annoying than it typically is. It took me longer to find the pieces I wanted, and I didn’t have a system for setting aside the pieces that needed a new home.

I vowed to block off a Saturday afternoon and tackle it. Those afternoons came and went, and the closet stayed the same.

Hitha On The Go Vanity

Enter Fitz. When they approached me to test their service, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Two stylists breezed into my room with a smile. They promptly set up the hanging rack, the giant bags for resell and donations, and began grabbing my clothes and hanging them in my room.

I sat on my reading chair and marveled at their speed and efficiency. I also made a sizable dent in my inbox while they worked.

Once the rack was filled, I reviewed each item with my stylists. Seeing each item, outside of the closet and with ample time, made my decisions relatively easy.

“Keep, keep, no, no, this is never going to fit me again, no, no, definite keep…”

T-shirts Organized By Fitz

Folded Items Organized By Fitz

As I made my way through each rack, the Fitz stylists swiftly removed the ‘no’ items and placed it one of three piles – high-end resale, resale, and donate. A smaller ‘to tailor’ pile was created for the knit maxi skirt and the jumpsuit I keep meaning to wear, but had yet to.

While they bagged items and arranged the keep items perfectly in my closet, I continued to get work done and to enjoy a snack with Rho. Once my hanging items returned to the closet (neatly arranged by type, color, and length), we tackled the drawers.

The Fitz process was seamless. I quickly divided the pieces in ‘keep’ and ‘goodbye’, and the stylists swiftly refolded the keep items and organized the remaining ones in the appropriate piles. Each item was folded perfectly, Kondo-style, and placed back in the appropriate drawer.

While one stylist put all the goodbye items in their appropriate bags, the other rearranged my bags and shoes perfectly. My bags were stuffed with the acid-free paper I had purchased months ago and forgotten about.

Four hours (and 7 giant bags of things for donations/resale), and my closet was pristine.

Every piece in there was one I loved, and wear regularly.

How To Display Statement Necklaces
How Fitz Organizes Shoes

Two months later, it’s still beautifully organized.

Getting dressed and packing has become easier, given that everything I own is a relative power piece. It’s a pleasure to open my beautifully organized drawers to grab a t-shirt, and easily find the jeans that my waistline demands. My shoes and bags return home every Sunday (I don’t think I’ll ever kick the habit of leaving them in the entryway), and that’s an improvement from before.

The only downside to the session was how long it took for me to schedule a UPS pickup for the giant ‘goodbye’ pile. I take the blame on that, especially after discovering how easy it is to do on the UPS website.

Since my closet was Fitz-ed, I’ve barely shopped for new clothes. By seeing everything I own (and loving all of it), I’m now carefully filling the gaps with things I actually need a silk blouse, oversized cardigan, suede over-the-knee boots, an emerald green crossbody – rather than things I casually want.

When my closet inevitably gets out of control (because that’s just life), I won’t hesitate to book another Fitz session. It’s worth every penny.

Try it yourself (and get $50 off your first session by mentioning my name). Happy tidying!

Fitz generously gifted me a full session in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

I’m wearing a Helmut Lang vest (newer version), Encircled t-shirt, and Buru White Label pants. My closets were designed by I Need My Space and built by Closet Creations.

Take a peek inside my favorite room, and view our old apartment (pre-Rho!) here