How To Make A Cheese Board

There were quite a few highlights from my weekend in Colorado.

There was horseback riding (something I haven’t done in years). There was curling up next to a fireplace with a book, while snow fell from the sky.

There were laughs (so many laughs).

And there was food. Food from which I’m still full from.

One of the highlights was Saturday’s lunch. The Cheese Shop of Breckenridge provided the cheese and the meats, and Erica (aka Wild Food Girl) brought preserves and made (like, actually) a fresh mustard from the plants we foraged the previous day.

Tieghan (our host and the author of Half Baked Harvest) is the queen of the cheese board. She’s done them all, from a Harry Potter-themed one for Halloween to a beautiful summer one.

I won’t lie – we had a moment bonding over our love for a cheese board (this one is one of my proudest achievements).

Tieghan’s book, in addition to over 100 incredible recipes, has a solid guide to making the perfect cheese board. Here are some of her go-to ingredients on a cheese board.

  • 3-5 cheeses
    • a semi-aged hard cheese (cheddar, Gouda, Havarti)
    • a firm cheese (parmesan, aged gouda, or Mimolette or Prairie Sunset)
    • a fresh cheese (goat, feta, burrata)
    • a soft cheese (Brie or a zhush up a log of goat cheese with fresh herbs, fruit, or spices)
    • a funky cheese (usually a blue cheese) – opt for a small serving since it’s not always a popular pick
  • 2 cured meats – she recommends pepperoni, prosciutto, and salami. I personally love a cured chorizo.
  • Candied nuts (they’re not on this board, but add a sweet addition to the otherwise savory board)
  • Assorted spreads. We got to use Erica’s foraged, homemade jams and mustard (which was insanely delicious). I dotted these incredible spreads on my board, which gave it a pretty touch. A small bowl of honey and honeycomb is always on Tieghan’s board.
  • Fresh fruit and olives – self-explanatory.
  • Carbohydrates – Kii crisps are my personal favorite, and a baguette is just necessary.

You can purchase Tieghan’s cookbook here (and you will want to – every recipe is delicious).

In addition to a cheese plate, I also love to serve this fish and this sandwich when I entertain.

Well, that was quick.

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