A Casual Outfit For Summer-ish Days

5:00 a.m – why do I force myself to wake up at this unholy hour? WHYYYY? I’m taking Rho to school today, so I get myself dressed in the easiest outfit – a white t-shirt that drapes in all the right places, my new favorite jeans, and a gauzy kimono. When it’s still dark outside, I need comfort.

6:15 a.m – at the kitchen table, coffee in hand, and typing away to finish up the day’s post and newsletter. One day, I’ll stop procrastinating during the day so I can sleep in. Or work out. Or both.

8:45 a.m – my mom and I are in the subway with Rho, headed to his Friday class. I have my Bartaile backpack looped in the hooks in addition to his diaper bag, since I’m leaving straight from his school for press previews and meetings.

11:15 a.m – school done, and at stop #1 – the Havianas summer preview. A gorgeous little party is set up on the Refinery Rooftop, and the sun’s finally come out. I happily accept a coconut water (in an actual coconut!) and browse the latest Haviana styles. I’m immediately drawn to the Baby2Baby collaboration, and am a little bummed that the mommy & me styles are for daughters only. But they have kids and adults Star Wars sandals, which are far more our taste. I snap a picture and make a mental note to order some for us.

12:45 p.m – after grabbing a quick lunch at Café Gitane (I get the chicken satay skewers every time), I’m in the goop Shiso Psychic pop-up and meeting with Maria Papapetros, the company’s own numerologist. In just 10 minutes, she’s already told me things that no one knows and given me a nudge in the right direction, work-wise. I’m grateful for the time I had with her, and itching for a little more. I may need to schedule a follow-up sometime soon. I’ve also had the chance to smell goop’s Edition 02, which smells sublime. After geeking out with their head of product (and the incredible Jean Godfrey-June), I head back to the subway…

2:00 p.m – it’s my last preview of the day – Rachel Roy. I lust over the pajama sets, soft pink knits, and kimonos tied over maxi dresses. There’s also a side-zip sweater that’s oh-so-soft and would be perfect for fall. I snap pictures of my favorites, happily accept a pair of safety pin earrings, and head outside. Her showroom is right on Bryant Park, and there’s an ice-cream truck on the corner.

3:00 p.m – I enjoy my sprinkled cone in the sunshine while finishing a few calls. As much as I love this warm weather, I wish I had worn shorts or a breezy dress instead today. At least the kimono dresses up the very basic basics I’m wearing. I head to the subway to make it home before the rush hour zoo.

4:15 p.m – so much for avoiding rush hour. The subway to Columbus Circle was packed to the brim. I get home, immediately change into pajamas, and fire up the latest episode of Real Housewives while I power through the last few e-mails of the day.

6:30 p.m – we’re celebrating my husband’s birthday at home tonight, and I quickly write his card and wrap up his gifts before he arrives. My mother’s cooked him his favorite dishes, and I have the celebratory champagne chilling in the fridge. He arrives, and we have a nice evening celebrating him and the year ahead.

9:45 p.m – I don’t know what it was about this week, but we’re both wiped. No TV, no nothing – just sleep. Sweet, sweet, sleep.

Well, that was quick.

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  • Cbrown

    No judgement here – I fell asleep last night at about 9:15. My husband came in to find me dead to the world – propped up on a yoga bolster and wrapped up in my snoogle pillow. I think I read my book for about 5 minutes before crashing.

    • hithaonthego

      YES! Kids don’t know how good they have it with early bedtimes. I’m planning on an early (before 10 p.m) bedtime again tonight ;)

  • DCL

    Sounds like a full day! Do your parents live with you? Or visit a lot? I am back to work full time after having a baby in December and finding it tough to juggle it all. And both families live 2000 miles away. Any tips or tricks for those of us without family nearby?

    • hithaonthego

      My dad does live with us, and my mom is here quite often as well. My dad + our nanny are the reason I can do what I do – period. We also have several great babysitters who can come in when we need help.
      First and foremost – you’re doing a great job. Having a baby or a full-time job is really hard, and doing both together can be impossible.
      My husband and I live and die by our Google Calendars, and every week we review our calendars to make sure someone is home when our nanny isn’t here. If we both have an early morning or are out the same evening, we make sure to give her a week’s notice in advance (if we can) or to line up one of our babysitters. This calendar review also helps us arrange when each of us exercises and run errands (and we divvy up those errands accordingly). Because I have a flexible schedule, I’m more accommodating in the mornings. I’ll just ask my husband to come home early enough to put Rho to bed so I can work later and get everything I need to done. I constantly feel like I’m not getting enough done or spending enough time with Rho, and have come to terms with that. I am very lucky to be my own boss and have incredible co-founders, and make an effort to manage expectations on what I’m working on with them or ask for help when I need it.
      In the early days, I would invite friends to come over for wine or takeout in the evenings so I could spend time with them without having to go out. Most friends were happy to hold the baby while I took a quick shower or tidied up around the apartment. Having one ‘friends’ night in’ a week did wonders for my mood and helped me feel like my old self.
      It’s a tough situation – you have to work to afford childcare, and you can’t work without it. I hope these few tips help! And please e-mail me (hitha@hithaonthego.com) if you want to move this conversation offline. I’m always here to listen.